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Curso de Oracle BPM 11g Modeling

Business Mind Colombia S.A.
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  • 24 horas

  • $ 2.419.680,00

$ 2.419.680,00


This Oracle BPM 11g course teaches you how to use Oracle BPM to model, simulate, implement, play, deploy and monitor business processes. You'll simulate the behavior of a business process, analyze the results and optimize the


Learn To:

Create process models.
Run simulations.
Implement and play a simple process.
Participate in a running process.
Create real-time dashboards using BAM.
Edit business rules at run time.
Understand the kinds of metrics can be gathered to monitor a process.
Create and implement simple business rules and user tasks using Business Process Composer, then play the process to see if the logic is correct.
View sample analytic data using both Oracle Business Process Workspace and Oracle Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).

Información adicional

Benefits to You

Oracle BPM monitoring tools allow you to measure both standard and process-specific business indicators. You'll be able to raise alerts on abnormal business conditions. This course also demonstrates how easy it is for multiple users to collaborate on projects.

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